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on April 25, 2012

These are the 8 planets of solar system. There are Mercury , Venus , Earth , Mars , Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus and Neptune.

1. Mercury

This is the smallest and closest planet  to th sun. It takes only 88 Earth days to go round the sun once. It has no satellites and no atmosphere .


It is the second planet in the solar family. It revoles around the Sun from east to west. After the Sun and the Moon , Venus is the brightest natural object in the sky. It is also called morning star or the evening star because on some days we can see it with the naked eye just before the sunrise or sun set.

3 . Earth

The third planet from the sun is the Earth. It is the home to all living things as it fulfills their basic needs. The Earth is neither too close nor too far away from the sun. It supports life and hence called the living planet. The surface of the earth is made up land and water.  About 71 % of the Earth’s surface is covered by water and 29 % with land.

4 . Mars

It is the fourth planet in the solar family. Inactive volcanoes , rocky deserts and ice covered poles were discovered. The minerals and the iron present in the soil in Mars give a red color to this planet . It is a cold and dusty planet. It has 2 moons .

5 . Jupiter

It is the fifth and the largest planet in our solar system .The surface of the planet is surrounded by dark red and yellow clouds made of gases and dust.The color of the clouds depend on the gases. It takes 12 years to make one revolution. It has 16 moons.

6. Saturn
Saturn is the sixth planet . It is a planet , mostly made up of helium and hydrogen. It is surrounded by gases , dust , rocks and icy boulders which make it look beautiful with its ring . For that reason it is also known as ‘ringed planet’ . It has 30 moons.

7. Uranus

Uranus is the seventh planet. Unlike the other planets it does not spin on its axis . It rolls around the sun . This planet is made up of hydrogen, along with methane and helium. It is bluish green in color. The dust around is look like a ring around it. It has 15 moons.





8. Neptune

It is the eighth and the farthest planet. It appears blue like ocean. So the Romans named it after the god of the sea. It is made up of hydrogen , helium , water , and methane . It has 13 known moons.


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